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Importing iTunes xml stats into foobar

I appologize ahead of time if the solution to this was posted somewhere already, Ive tried to search for it but nothing seems to fit what I would like to accomplish.
What I'd like to do is import my iTunes playcounts into foobar's playback statistics component. I have an xml file of my whole iTunes library with nice xml tags of the playcount, artist, title, album, ect for each song. (thanks to iTSfv) What I'd like to do is import this into playback statistics data file for each matching song in my foobar library. Many songs are the same from my iTunes library, but Ive separated the two libraries in different file locations. Some songs Ive upgated to higher quality, so most are not the exact same file, but same song nevertheless.

The solution I'm thinking of is some kind of script that will read my xml file, find the corresponding song in foobar and changed the playback statistics for it automaticly. Almost all of the songs should have the exact same titles and artist names so matching names should not be a problem, its just finding a scipt or some other method to get this task done. I would really rather not manually change statistics on over 3500 songs..

Can it be done? Does anyone have an idea where could I start?

Importing iTunes xml stats into foobar

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Well, This method can do it. Provided you have mp3tag and a spreadsheet program.

Importing iTunes xml stats into foobar

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There does not seem to be an option to export library in iTunes 9.0 as a text file, only xml. When changing it to a csv file, its all just in one column.

Importing iTunes xml stats into foobar

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look here:

after you saved that little script in same folder as you iTunes library file and added additional line in it, open it in Excel (when asked choose transformation style sheet) then export as csv if you need to

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