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hidden "feature"?

I noticed that my volume keys on my logitech keyboard now control the volume in Foobar2k WHEN foobar2k is the focused window... 2 problems.

1. Mute doesn't work if FB2k is focused.
2. I want my keys to control the master volume not just foobar...

Not sure if this is a bug or "feature" but can it be optional?


as always.. looking forward to the next release..

hidden "feature"?

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Mute is not currently implemented, nor is control of the soundcard's master volume.  You can, however, give the Vol. up/down keys on your keyboard global values.  Make sure the global hotkeys box is checked when you do this.

hidden "feature"?

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The Thing is i dont want my volume keys to control Foobar... thats what i was trying to get at.. hidden keyboard shortcuts should be optional.. or changeable... I liked my volume control the way it was changing the master volume (through the logitech software)

man i sound whiny.. wah.. volume.  :'(

sorry bout that.. crank it up.

hidden "feature"?

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Does anyone ever use that volume thing at the bottom right of foobar?

Look here!

fb2k + my keyboard


hidden "feature"?

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I use it.

I only use the volume in foobar

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