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Windows GUI speeddowns when foobar plays

I use these DSP:
Volume Control
Advanced Limiter

Resampler's "fast mode" is disabled.
And when foobar plays something, I watch that Windows GUI starts to speeddown. For example - jerking mouse cursor. When I check the "fast mode" (much lower my CPU usage) this effect is almost invisible.

My system:
foobar2000 v0.586 (happend with early versions too)
Windows XP SP1
SB Live! Value
iP-3 900/384Mb/iBX (~20% CPU usage with foobar)

Also I tested foobar on Athlon 850/256Mb/kt133a/WinXP SP1 - same thing.

And the last: with Winamp 2.81 + SSRC output (~20% CPU usage too) this problem is not happend.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

Windows GUI speeddowns when foobar plays

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Yesterday I installed Windows 98 SE and check this thing with it - nothing, all works perfectly and mouse cursor moves normally.

I will wait for fix of this bug in foobar...


Windows GUI speeddowns when foobar plays

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Already noted and fixed in the next release. (0.6)

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