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foo_unpack problem

Somewhere between 0.43 (I think) and the current build (0.58c), the foo_unpack component lost the ability to load files with non-latin character filenames (i.e. chinese ideographs, japanese kanji, etc.) that were compressed into a RAR archive. I think it was the 0.50 build of the component that first showed this problem.

Currently, if an archive file with filenames that contain the offending characters is loaded, they are just ignored. (i.e. only files with english filenames are loaded.) Unarchiving the files and loading them directly hasn't had any problems.

I'm running Win2k; currently using the WinNT build of 0.58c.

(ot: It's so nice to have a player that fully supports unicode.)

foo_unpack problem

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fixed in 0.586, i have no idea how it could have possibly worked at all before.

foo_unpack problem

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Not to sound ungrateful or anything... :)

Well, the files with non-latin character filenames work now in foo_unpack 0.586, but I think it may have lost the ability to read regular English filename'd files?

foo_unpack problem

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foo_unpack problem

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Yay! Everything a-ok now. Thanks for all your hard (and fast!) work. It's greatly appreciated.

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