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help find plugins

Hey guys. I'm new to fb2k and this forum. I like the program a lot. I've tried hard to get into it with the help of all the FAQs out there. Yeah sure there's lists with all available plugins but the short descriptions don't help much since I'm new to the program. So I thought a good starting point would be to look at programs I previously used and liked and to try to make fb2k look like them (meaning the layout. I don't care for the appearance). iTunes for Windows used to drive me nuts but I liked the layout.

I would like to have a tree view (artist -> album -> track) of my library on the left that helps me not to get lost. The actual library should be organized via tabs like 'artist', 'album', 'track', 'track nr' etc. in the middle. On the right should be the place for the playlists. One fourth for the tree, two for the library and one for the playlists. Something like that. And please tell me how to get the volume control in there.

Could you guys name the plugins necessary and give me some explanation on how to get this layout?

Another thing would be to enhance the sound for headphones. I only use headphones and I saw there's some plugins available to boost performance. Does it pay out?

help find plugins

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You don't need additional plugins for the layout you described.
Select "View > Layout > Create Scratchbox" from the menu, than right click and add some splitters and elements inside. When you got what you like, click "Edit > Apply Layout"

as for headphones you can try this:
Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural
Dolby Headphone Wrapper

help find plugins

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If you use Columns UI try the link from here (fcl file link) and then import it from Columns UI preferences
If you use Default UI try searching for foo_facets

help find plugins

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Alright. I got the .dll and figured it all out. The only feature missing now is the volume slider. How to get it in?

About the 'Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural' thingy. I download the platform independent version and extract it to the components folder?

Can I use fb2k to put music on my mp3 player (no iPod)? Does it use 'Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural' when I'm listening via mp3 player?


PS: What is crossfading? Heard it's good when using headphones.


help find plugins

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Which .dll? dolbyhph.dll?
Right click on toolbar for volume slider
For BS2B you should download foobar BIN package, and not the source which you have right now, and put the .dll in components folder
Search for foo_dop about ipod support
You'll need to put BS2B in DSP manager for it to have effect

[edit] OK, you said no ipod  you can use foo_fileops for sending files to devices

help find plugins

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For BS2B you should download foobar BIN package, and not the source which you have right now, and put the .dll in components folder

Do you have a download link for the BS2B BIN package? OK it has effect listening on my PC, how about my mp3 player?

I really appreciate your help.

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