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foo_playcount_mod.dll Help!

Hello all,

Please bear with me as I just moved from being a Winamp use to a foobar2000 user just this after and I have been customizing it to my liking since. At the moment, I am using the Foobear ( skin. I have followed all the instructions and everything seems to be working like it's suppose to besides the "Last Played" and "Tracked Played:" counters. Below is an image of what I see:

How do I fix this so that the player counts like it's suppose to instead of having a '?' there?


foo_playcount_mod.dll Help!

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I suggest you ask the author for assistance.

That is quite an old configuration.
It seems to be a panel UI config which is not supported here.

The author also states that it does not work with up to date foobar releases.


foo_playcount_mod.dll Help!

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you are using outdated foobar version, and some outdated (even unsupported) components, so asking for support for this custom install should be addressed to the author of the skin.

"Last Played" and "Tracked Played:" counters are mapped to LAST_PLAYED and PLAY_COUNTER tag according the component foo_playcount_mod
you should set it's setting in preferences, and if you don't want to see question marks if their value is missing, enclose them in brackets:
in the PUI script

[edit] little late

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