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Sony launched a new MP3 CD player

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Whodathunkit?! And here a while back it was verboten to even play CD-R on a Sony player at all!

Sony launched a new MP3 CD player

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Now if only they can modify the MiniDisc player to be able to read MP3s stored on MiniDiscs......

PS. MiniDisc can be used as a storage medium, this guy in Japan I know uses it as a big floppy.

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Sony launched a new MP3 CD player

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I believe Sony made a big mistake. If they had developed a high speed  internal Minidisc drive for the PC, they would have been market leader in portable audio storage by far. Just rip your CD and encode to Atrac files, write them to the drive, including artist/title info and play them on your portable Minidisc. The main reason why they didn't is the fact that Sony also is one of the leading record labels. So they would loose a lot of profit there.

Sony launched a new MP3 CD player

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yeah i once asked them if they plan such a drive in Germany and their answer was: "We don't have any information about this" ...


Sony launched a new MP3 CD player

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Minidisc uses atrc compression... Which means for data storage the minidic can contain probably only like 100MB...

Pretty useless...


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