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song length problem

well , i recently got some nice remixes by armin van buuren , there are about 160 MB large and 10 songs, i added them to my playlist, and it worked fine for just 8 of the 10 songs
the length of all should be about 2h each , but for two tracks its just 30:56.993 and 55:54.157
well first i thought it would be the file itself , i checked the file size and the bitrate, but there were ok , so i added them in the playlist of the windows media player, but there the file length aka song play time was right, 1:57.49 and 1:55.02, no i realy began to wonder O_o
so i went back to foobar, right clicked the files and tryed the fix mp3 header option , since i dun understand realy how it worked, i tryed one setting there after another , but nothing seemed to work fine

i dont realy understand why this problem happens, since foobar can handle realy big files too (listened to some 700 MB files) and it even read the length of the other files right

if some1 knows how to solve this problem, id be realy thankful and i dont wanna use the media player just because this two songs Q_q i tryed it with foobar 0.8.3 and 0.9.1

i guess it could be solved with the fix mp3 header funnction, but i dun now what to enter in the padding field, since there i should put the file length, but i dunno how the get the correct length

p.s. sorry for the bad english, its almost 3 o'clock and im german ^^

song length problem

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I had the same problem, and used the "fix mp3 header" function.  And, like you, I didn't know what to put in the padding field, so I left it blank and they came out fine.
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song length problem

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well tried it again (first had to search the fix function in 0.9.1 ^^;; ) and it doenst work for me T_t


song length problem

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I have the same problem, most likely with the same mp3's. It works in most players i tested fine, including my mp3 player I travel with (cowon i-audio5).

some track information:[blockquote]
track length = 34:21.771 (according to foobar)
enc_delay = 576
enc_padding = 1512
mp3_accurate_length = yes
bitrate = 192
codec = MP3
encoding = lossy
channels = 2
samplerate = 44100
mp3_stereo_mode = stereo
tagtype = id3v1
90924120 samples @ 44100Hz
File size: 166 965 344 bytes[/blockquote]
Fixing the headers doesn't work. Im not sure wether it's the mp3 or the player, but since alot of players do it right I think it's foobar. I tested it with both foobar 8.3 en 9.1

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