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how to display external meta data

Hello al
lets imagine a net broadcast which does not send artist and title information along with its on-line stream. This information is displayed on the website instead. So when looking on the player e.g. winamp, foobar, VLC media player... what ever I choose its still the same title streaming is disabled by the broadcaster. I have a script which retrieves meta data information from the website.
And here is the question. Is somewhere in the world any plugin or player which can override title information from currently playing stream and grab these from a given file or url at a predefined time interval?
There are dozens of plugins and players which can export information about currently playing song into text file any chat session but I can find nothing that works as opposition to this. Nothing is able to import stream title from text file from url or any other sources.
Please give me a hint if you know something with this functionality.

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