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Columns_UI not working!

Hey guys, im a n00b to foobar and its components, but i am loving the program so far. My problem today is that columns_UI component isnt working. I read all the documents and readmes but no luck. The extension is listed under components... but when u go to file, prefrences, display..... Columns_UI is listed but not under Default interface, its listed separetely above it... but anyway i was reading that u had to make it ur default display type, but no where do i see this option, and even if i just click on the Columns_UI and change some settings and click apply, or save.. nothing... no columns with artist name, track, etc. I downloaded and installed the latest stable build of foobar 2000, that being v.83 and the same with columns... v1.2.... actually it came with the special version downoad from the homepage. So please someone plz instruct me on what i need to do to get the component working. Thanks in advance.


Columns_UI not working!

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edit: bah, nm... double posted here.

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