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Frontend for Lame with APE & Cuesheet support

I'm using a modified lame.exe v3.90.3 with support for APE and cuesheet input (found at RareWares). My command line usually look something like this:

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lame --apeinput --preset extreme CUESHEET CDImage.ape.cue "%n - %p- %t.mp3" --naming-rule --tag

Is there a frontend I can use to make this easier? I would like be spared from entering the command line everytime. I have checked RazorLame and others but they don't accept APE or CUE files as input. I also tried EAC but I cannot see how I can make it work for me.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Frontend for Lame with APE & Cuesheet support

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Sorry. The best "frontend" I know of are my batchfile here. But if you want a GUI why not just use foobar2000 with the clienc encoder and lame.exe?
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Frontend for Lame with APE & Cuesheet support

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You're right, I was only looking for a nice GUI and to avoid repeating the command line every time. I tried foobar2000 like you said and it is now working perfect. Thanks for pointing out this elegant solution!

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