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Remove "Junk" From MP3s

Is there a program that can remove the parts of the MP3 that aren't part of the header or song? This would include ID3v1/2 tags and lyrics, but ideally anything that isn't needed!

Remove "Junk" From MP3s

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so, ID3KILL will basically do what's stated wasn't possible (with any program available) here:
(Removing ID3 (ID3v2) tags is no easy task, sometimes nearly an impossible one. Admitted these probably aren't valid ID3 tags, I've had mp3 files which had extra data added to it of which I had no idea what it was.  None of the "tag removal" programs I know of could remove it automatically for me.)

and what i asked for in the following post:

The thing is, I don't want to spoil my files by putting ID3v2 tags in them IF the data is impossible to get rid off and IF lame when decoding to wav translates the ID3v2 tags to digital silence. If there's a way to TOTALLY wipe the ID3v2 tags before decoding to wav, I will start using ID3v2 NOW.

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