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help needed on mp2 & streaming


I'm receiving lots of satellite Mpeg-2 radios.
They have bitrates from 128k to 384k, joint stereo or normal stereo.
Since my receiver has a spdif output I use an external DAC.

As I have two networked computers both having CMI 8738 based
24/48 audio cards with spdif I/O capability I can also record these
radios to the hd.

When I listen to the recordings using Winamp+Mad plugin the sound
seems to be better (dithering possibly).

Now my question..

Since my sound cards aren't fullduplex with digital I/O,
is there a possibbility to input spdif to one computer and
use the other computer for output over the network?

I know that Mad doesn't work on streaming audio but I think
I can use super equalizer or someting else for the dithering.


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