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making one stereo...

hi !

I'd like to make a divx with
both English + French track.

To do this, I'd like to mux
one stereo MP3 file with the video, with English
on left and French on right.

I already have 2 mono MP3s, one with
each language and so I just need to
combine these 2 mono files into one

how can I achieve this ?


making one stereo...

Reply #1
AFAIK you'd need to decode the mp3s, take a wave editor (Gold Wave would do, search on Google for it), make a two channel stereo 44.1 16bit wave, paste the wavs resulted after the decoding, save it and encode the resulting wav back to mp3.

Sorry, but I really can't help myself: listening through headphones to this stereo multi-language combo might be a very pleasant experience, not to mention what could be achieved in 5.1 (well, 5 channels, the subwoofer won't make more than a low babble)

making one stereo...

Reply #2
I agree with lucpes - I don't think the tools exist to go from mp3 to mp3 without decoding then encoding.

If you are going to have to re-encode, remember it's better to start with the original (?) .wavs (if you have them), rather than already encoded mp3s.

When encoding two signals which you will listen to separately on left and right, this might be one time when it's useful to force discrete stereo mode, instead of joint stereo. However, at a low bitrate, this might cause more problems than it solves. Check on a short section.


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