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Question regarding forum software

What is the system behind offering the links "show today's active threads" and "view new posts"?

I personally favour the "show active threads" link because it gives me more information about ongoing discussions. In "view new posts" you will only get messages that are *really* new (like in the last hour, or so).

However it seems totally RANDOM which of these two functions appears when I enter  the forum. Is there any way to influence this?

I use the following bookmark. The links in question appear in the top right corner


Question regarding forum software

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Umm.. I'm not exactly sure which different links you are referring to.  The best bet is to just go to the main page.  That way you can see which discussions are being updated regularly in the big "The Latest Discussions" table above the news items, and you can also click on the "view new posts" link under user login, to see which posts are new since your last visit.  Not to mention, you actually see any news items that may have been added, polls, and whatever else, etc.

Question regarding forum software

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I found the answer!

When I am not logged in, the link at the top right says "View Today's Active Threads". When I am logged in, it says "View new Posts". This sorta explains the randomness, since the Cookie that contains the user info expires after a certain time.

So I guess this feature-change is some sort of preference setting, which I yet have to discover.

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