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Comparing different streaming formats

More of a information update this post than anything else.

If anyone is interested in hearing a well-known radio station implementing its programming in a variety of formats I would recommend checking out Its the foremost trance / Hard house and Euro Dance streaming radio site on the web, offering streams in Ogg / WMA / MP3 at a range of differing bitrates.

Its great to see all these formats, we spend so much time debating about, in use for commercial purposes.

Any ideas about AAC streaming? I see the latest version of the FAAD plug-in has provision for a streaming buffer and I know a guy with a streaming technology that could be tweaked to support AAC (possibly in conjunction with NIC's work on an AAC ACM implementation) for more information see




Comparing different streaming formats

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Hi blade!

If you know someone that would like to take a look at the AAC DShow source ill send it. Its such a mess though. Ive gotta clean it up & so Menno can put it into the CVS.

I should check out DJ Lithium's sound....Ive been meaing to for so long :-)


Comparing different streaming formats

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Yeah - definitely - although ironically Lithium is being carried by Ari and the guys down at digitally imported quite heavily at the moment and Lithium has a number of good sets.

As you know Lithium (aka kelly Myers) is also part of the duo behind Kasterblaster the streaming product from KyxPyx and it was Kelly that was musing about adding AAC to the next iteration of Kasterblaster if he could get his hands on a direct show filter or equivalent.

BTW kelly's day job is as a video editor and he is a dab hand with a lot of formats etc. may be worth dropping him a note just for that - you can catch him as [a href=''][/a] on MS IM or through the email on the kyxpyx site.



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