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Topic: OGG vs Psytel AAC at Movie Audio bitrates. (Read 1332 times) previous topic - next topic
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OGG vs Psytel AAC at Movie Audio bitrates.

Ok, I was thinking about starting this thread.
I'm going to do some tests between Vorbis RC3 and Psytel 2.15 at about 100kbps-140kbps. Of course this kind of testing done by one person is pretty subjective. My idea is to test few samples a day and add results here.

Just to start this thread here's the first little test done using ff123's abc/hr listening test software:

First file is 41_30sec.wav which is the first 30 seconds of #41 by Dave Matthews Band.

Psytel AACenc 2.15 -internet 113.3kbps
Rating: 1.6/5
Comment: The whole "soundstage" is very different than in the original.
Bad problems especially with cymbals. Hihats of course not very good at this bitrate.
Increased swishing especially with cymbals. Generally quite poor sounding.
Oggenc RC3 -q 2.5 114.2kbps
Rating: 2.5/5
Comment: Backround noise sounds harsh and amplified. Hihat hits not very good, but cymbals clearly better than in the other sample.
Juha Laaksonheimo

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