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Invitation to the members of this forum

This is a one time invitation to the members of this forum, posted with the permission of Dibrom.

As many of you know, CD-RW.ORG has partially been integrated to the DVD/DIVX scene giant Afterdawn (over 2 million monthly pageviews). My business over there is to add audio compression and CD-R content to the site that currently lacks it.

This includes new forum sections that I have opened. These forums cover the familiar topics discussed at the Hydrogen Audio and forums:
-   Audio compression
-   CD-R/RW/ROM issues
-   CD-R media

This is an open invitation to all Hydrogen Audio members to visit the CD-RW.ORG and join the new community.

Why should anyone wish to join another forum?

First of all the forum is big. Even though there isn’t as good discussion than here, it still collects massive 30.000 pageviews per WEEK. Think about all the promotion that our cause, the Hi-Fi audio compression, could achieve there.

The Afterdawn is the main driver of the traffic. The site is a DIVX/DVD scene site so there will be totally new people, a new audience that we are dealing with. I am sure that from those masses we can meet new competent people that we can ”bring in” to the Hi-Fi MP3 scene.

At some point when the number of posts starts increasing we will be needing a few moderators. Naturally I will favor the competent people that I know well – in other words the familiar faces of the current Hi-Fi MP3 scene. I have discussed about this personally with a few, but no decicions about the moderators are yet made.

This is a one time post, since my intention is not to leech visitors from here, or even compete with Hydrogen Audio or r3mix net. Actually, I will be forced to refer a lot to this forum, since I do not have the knowledge to handle more technical issues/questions regarding audio compression.

I see this situation as a great chance to pass the message of good MP3 (or MPC, or Ogg, or AAC…) to a larger, whole new audience.

See you there.

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