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Internet radio album art...

I see from the changelog that version 1.6.6 added "support for internet radio album art."  Can anyone tell me more?  Like how to be set up for that, and where the configuration options, if any, reside? 

More than half of my Foobar listening is through a playlist of radio stations I've assembled, and I've added by hand images to the individual stations to help me remember them (see first image), by adapting some "Album Art" code I found here years ago (see second image).  But it would be great if I could display any album art coming with the streams (though I don't know how common that is).

Thanks much, N.


Re: Internet radio album art...

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Thanks much.  (I had done a search, but nothing came up....).  And I see that it works with Radio Paradise, which was on my playlist, and without any modification to that string I have in my Album Art box for the other stations.

Great.  Thanks much to Peter and all.  I imagine more and more stations will be doing this.

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