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Exclusive control

Not sure what's going on with my ASIO playback.  I was glad to see that I ASIO mode had exclusive control in version 1.6.6.  But then in the 1.6.7 betas, that was only true for beta 2.  Gone again now with beta 3.  By which I mean, for example: I have something playing in ASIO mode in Foobar, and then I bring up something in a browser, a Youtube video, say, or bring up my tv tuner card in MediaPortal, and the audio for those other applications comes through.  No such audio was coming through in versions 1.6.6 or 1.6.7 beta 2.

Running Windows 10 Home, EVGA Nu Audio card, with its drivers.  "Exclusive mode" settings checked in Windows sound settings.  Nu Audio software shows "ASIO active" in all cases.

Anyone know what's happening?   Thanks very much.   N.

Re: Exclusive control

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Try again 1.6.6. Your problem should not be connected with foobar2000. This is how you ASIO driver works.

Exclusive mode in windows settings is not affecting ASIO.


Re: Exclusive control

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Thanks.  Yes, I thought of reverting to 1.6.6, but I get this warning about losing settings.  I've never gone backwards, in more than ten years as a happy Foobar user.  If anyone knows, am I going to lose all of my settings?

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