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Equalizer Presets

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2 pages of alternative links (out of hundreds of threads)? Please supply internal presets like Winamp does. This is really a mandatory need from a music player.


Equalizer Presets

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No it's not. Contrary to popular belief, equalizer settings don't depend on the style of music being played but on your listening equipment and personal taste.
Full-quoting makes you scroll past the same junk over and over.

Equalizer Presets

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I would love to integrate the Winamp presets because I enjoyed two presets that actually sounded better in my ears; Full bass and trebel, and Laptop speakers/headphones.

What would be the math behind adapting presets from Winamp's 10-band 12 +/-db + preamp to Foobar's 18-band 20 +/- db EQ?

Is 12 DB in fb2k 12 in Winamp, or are they just graphical representations of +100%/-100%? (I assume I am wrong in thinking this but I dunno...

This would also be helpful for those migrating from Winamp to fb2k to know this kind of stuff.

Equalizer Presets

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Skimming through the topic, I'd have to say that Hearbar and Yirkha have had the best explanations: that equalizer settings are only to compensate for taste and audio set-up, and not to "fix" the way music is recorded - "flat" is the way it was intended by the artists and engineers.

Granted, I came here looking for some basic presets for certain situations - at a party, at a dance, etc. but when it comes to personal listening, just play around, and see what you get.

Sorry for resurrecting a thread unnecessarily.

Equalizer Presets

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i don't like using the equalizer any more. i prefer to listen to the music as it is was intended.
but anyway, for you guys/girls who like using them:

i uploaded some presets for Foobar2000, that i collected/combined from 3 different sources.
download link

have fun

edit: link was broken, fixed it

All in one.


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