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How to display 'Metadata' Ratings as Columns in Playlist View???

It will always Default to the Ratings from the Properties Pop Up of the Details/Player Statistics and display those, the little 'Black Stars' which it will display as a corresponding Digit.

I want to display the Stored in Metadata.
This is the Rating written to the MP3 Metadata from DJ software like Rekordbox.
I think both of these Ratings are different again from the Ratings (Stars) that are Displayed in Explorer, again these Ratings don't show up in my Rekordbox Software so i am not interested in trying to Display those in Foobar.

Let me add that i have no problem creating a 'Custom Column' for like Metadata Tags and have them display the desired into in Columns in Playlist View, Example i have done this for numerous Metadata Tags in the past <PUBLISHER>  <LABEL> <GROUPING> ect.

Its just this God Damn <RATING> one thats driving me Nuts lol, spent literally most of the Day yesterday doing work arounds :(

I am using a couple of add-on 'Components' Facets, Masstagger, probably being the most relevant to my Foobar Layout ect.
I did try the 'Columns UI' but it changed too much for my liking and i am hoping i do not have to resort to that to fix this lol.

Thanks for any Help from you Legendary Foobar Folks :)

Re: How to display 'Metadata' Ratings as Columns in Playlist View???

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Hi there,

I guess you might have Playback Statistics (foo_playcount) installed which takes over the %rating% field to show database ratings by default.

In this case to show tag field use -

Code: [Select]

Or to show tag field as stars use -

Code: [Select]



Re: How to display 'Metadata' Ratings as Columns in Playlist View???

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Dude you are an absolute LEGEND!
Many Many Many Thanks :)
You Fixed my Sh*t :)

Adding the Second Script you provided to into Custom Columns now displays Stars for Ratings, the first Script the corresponding Digit instead.
Not only that but if i right click on said MP3 in Explorer and add a Star from the Properties/Details Dialogue it is the same Rating as in Foobar now.
Also the Rekorbox Star Ratings are using the same Metadata now so changing this in Foobar, in Explorer and Rekordbox changes the Star Rating across all 3 places now keeping them all in sync, i will no longer have to use 2 different methods of Rating my Music across the 3 separate places, well 4 separate places including Serato also.
So again, many many thanks again :)


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