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Hi there, I've used ReplayGain in the past to try and form consistency between the levels of different tracks... Though it usually wants to turn the gain down even if there's headroom before clipping. How would I scan my files for peaks so that I can gain them appropriately so all audio files peak as high as possible before clipping?

Re: ReplayGain/Peaks

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So what you want is just peak normalization? Try the following:

Preferences -> Playback and under Replaygain: processing, select "prevent clipping according to peak".

It will then go by way of track peak if you in the previous row selected track, and by album peak if you selected album.
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Re: ReplayGain/Peaks

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When I scan the files and choose prevent clipping according to peak, it just turns the file down so the levels are always WELL below peak, I don't want that. I want the peak of each track or album to hit just under 0 dB, so when I look at the waveform on the oscilloscope that peak area fills out beautiful just shy of clipping. What's the deal, how do I achieve this? Much thanks for any help.

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If you want peak normalization for each track , you should use Sorce mode "track" , "apply gain and prevent clipping" and set Preamp With RG info to +20 dB

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... and that can be done in playback, without having to re-scan all the files.
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Re: ReplayGain/Peaks

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If you want to go as high as possible while maintaining the same perceived loudness for all of your files, you'll probably need to experiment with the preamp value for a bit so that you find a nice compromise between the two. This will also depend on your genre of music.

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