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can not capture WasApi audio

Athough version 1.6 is supposed to use WasApi in shared mode, I can't capture the WasApi audio (event) from Foobar2000.

When I start the capture when Foobar2000 is already playing audio through WasApi I get a the following error:

Code: [Select]
Error capturing f32 audio stream: A backend-specific error has occurred: OS Error -2004287478 

indicating that the device is playing in exclusive mode.

When I start the capture first and then start playing the audio in Foobar2000 I get a message that the device has been unplugged.

The device I'm using is VB Audio HiFi Cable (virtual sound driver). I can capture the HiFi Cable audio through WasApi with all other applications that are capable of playing audio.

I can solve it by choosing the default Primary Sound Driver in Foobar2000 and directing the Foobar2000 output to HiFi cable in the Windows 10 sound mixer.

Re: can not capture WasApi audio

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The default output does use WASAPI shared and is perfectly recordable with solutions that support recording it. If you have installed and are accidentally using that, then your problems are expected.

If your problem is caused by VB Audio HiFi Cable you would need to contact their support.

Please don't use the mutilated WASAPI spelling. It hurts.


Re: can not capture WasApi audio

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Thanks for your reply.

I suspect that the problem is caused by the Rust CPAL library that I use for WASAPI capture. Apparently it does handle a return code that says it can not open the capture stream in exclusive mode as an error instead of just using it in shared mode:

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