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Topic: How can I control Emu de MIDI from a real-time MIDI controller? (Read 381 times) previous topic - next topic
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How can I control Emu de MIDI from a real-time MIDI controller?

I'm used to capturing real-time audio input from foobar using foo_record to show a spectrogram of what my microphone is picking up.

Now, instead of real-time audio input, I want real-time *midi* input so I can play Emu de MIDI's sounds live as a keyboardist--how do I achieve this with foobar?  I can do some software development if necessary but hopefully this problem is already solved--alternatively, can I wrap Emu de MIDI to make it into a VST plugin?  Could foobar2000 itself become a vst instrument rather than a vst host?


Re: How can I control Emu de MIDI from a real-time MIDI controller?

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I'm interested in this too, though for slightly different reasons.
I just downloaded foo_record (I had no idea this component existed), hoping to use it to monitor audio coming from my audio interface, so that I could use foobar2000's visualisers (e.g. Shpeck/Milkdrop) in conjunction with my MIDI keyboard, simply for some eye candy for when I'm playing keys. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be useful for this purpose, due to the huge delay in sound output from the recording. It looks like I'm not the first person to be interested in this idea. Is is really "real-time" for you, or do you experience a similar 10 second delay before you hear what you've recorded from your microphone? I also wonder if these recordings are silently accumulating anywhere on my hard disk, as there is no save file prompt for anything recorded.

I'd consider accessing a fb2k internal MIDI synthesizer via MIDI-in as "plan B", but it would still be useful. As far as I know though, foobar2000 does not (cannot?) support MIDI-in - it doesn't support any external Windows MIDI device drivers. You may have noticed that the MIDI synthesizer you have specified in the configuration isn't actually running until it is invoked by initialising playback of a MIDI sequence, which is also unfortunate because it makes VSTis with long loading times highly impractical to use for playback. I'm not sure how a component could mitigate the need for MIDI to be playing for a device to be loaded.

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