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Topic: Need help for manage playlists with command line. (Read 314 times) previous topic - next topic
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Need help for manage playlists with command line.

Maybe someone know how to create with command line and with plugins:

1. Automatic playlists builder by key or bpm etc.
2. Automatic playlists changer.
3. Automatic playlists eraser by criteria: empty playlist.


Re: Need help for manage playlists with command line.

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Hi there,

I could be wrong of course, but I think 1 and 3 are probably not possible from command line. There is no way to detect a specific tag or the contents of a playlist from command line, it can only really be used to run menu commands that already exist.

For 1, maybe look at a component like foo_random_pools. This is one I have not actually used myself so not much help.

For 2, I had a look at your setup from your other thread. Were you trying to play ONE track from each playlist and then switch to next playlist, and so on? As far as I can tell, switching playlists with foo_scheduler ('Next playlist') does NOT (supposedly) make foobar start playing from the next playlist - except for some reason I cannot figure out, it actually IS buffering / playing a track from the next playlist, from the second track onward. (And without 'Playback menu > Playback follows cursor' on!) ... I have no idea how or why it does that?! It might be a bug somewhere? :-[

I'm curious though, why do you want to do it that way? Would it not make more sense to completely finish one playlist and then switch to the next?

By the way, foo_playlist_attributes can assign different settings per playlist, might have some options you could use in that regard ('Continue on playlist...') Check the document link.

As for 3, I'm not aware of any plugins that can auto-remove empty playlists. It might be something foo_spider_monkey_panel could do if you know how to code jscript, or know someone who does. That stuff is beyond me.

Best of luck with your project :)

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