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Re: foo_enhanced_spectrum_analyzer

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Firstly I have to say thank you for this component, I enjoy it a lot, it is pleasure to look at.

I'm here to ask for help with window frame style.
I have problem to find window frame style settings for foo_enhanced_spectrum_analyzer.
I created two screens, with window frame style enabled and disabled for Album List Panel.
Selected style name is Sunken, and from what I see foo_enhanced_spectrum_analyzer uses this style.
Please help me to find a way to disable window style.

Thank you.

Re: foo_enhanced_spectrum_analyzer

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Feedback to developer "Crossover":    Good work.  Have been using it for a few weeks, customized it per your supplied options panel and love it.  Thanks for providing this component.

Re: foo_enhanced_spectrum_analyzer

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No such option exists for Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer


Re: foo_enhanced_spectrum_analyzer

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Yes I know, I hope it will be added in the future, so I can have perfect player.
Thank you.
Ah, your post gave the impression you weren't aware of this and were looking for a way to achieve this.

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