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mp3gain is lossless?

i read that this software not re-enconding the file, but idk

or is there any more effective way to increase some db in an mp3?

Re: mp3gain is lossless?

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Add ReplayGain tags and use a player which respects them (like foobar2000)
some ANC'd headphones + AutoEq-based impulse + Meier Crossfeed (30%)

Re: mp3gain is lossless?

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Yes it's lossless.   There is some kind of "gain" field in the MP3 frame headers that can be changed without changing the audio data.   MP3directCut uses the same lossless method to change the volume.

The limitation is that it works in 1.5dB steps.

or is there any more effective way to increase some db in an mp3?
Of course, you have to careful about boosting any digital file because you can get clipping (distortion).     MP3Gain will check for that and MP3Gain uses a default target level than ends-up reducing the volume of many/most songs, giving itself "room to work".    MP3 itself can go over 0dB without clipping (and many commercial or "ripped" MP3s do go slightly over) but you'll clip your DAC if you play back at "full-digital volume."


Re: mp3gain is lossless?

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