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Question about repair

When I choose "repair," all new tracks are written. Except for the one erroneous track, WAV files produced from the new FLAC files are identical to the originals. However, if I replace the erroneous file in the original folder with the repaired one and attempt to re-verify that folder, the CTDB and AccurateRip IDs no longer match. There should be 12 tracks, but the re-verify log shows:

Code: [Select]
[CUETools log; Date: 1/16/2020 11:35:02 PM; Version: 2.1.6]
[CTDB TOCID: 8Em5M.D7PntTY8ayzbYBe9eybqM-] disk not present in database.
[AccurateRip ID: 000d8175-007401f3-a807650b] disk not present in database.

Track Peak [ CRC32  ] [W/O NULL]
 --   96.9 [32E7AD00] [182A6C93]          
 01   83.5 [A053432D] [F1CB3EAA]          
 02   93.7 [A430314A] [1DA04F87]          
 03   86.9 [380D7918] [E3FC195A]          
 04   81.4 [7377CA66] [6F049618]          
 05   78.8 [0EADA274] [89571219]          
 06   96.9 [34A2E1EF] [AB9F584C]          
 07   91.2 [D45A458B] [E4AD8301]          
 08   60.3 [347D976A] [55E7629A]          
 09   90.7 [46BD2858] [BBD2F9F9]          
 10   73.2 [B9AD3688] [F29F6A44]

How is it that I can re-verify the new set of tracks but not the original set with one track replaced? Is there a way to repair one erroneous track from a rip without invalidating the files for all of the other tracks? I wish to keep the original tracks plus the one repaired track. Thanks.

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Re: Question about repair

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Please provide the other two logs (the original files prior to repair and the repaired files).

You may want to take a look at
In particular
remove check from 'Edit Tags' to keep original tags without a popup window
You may also want to check the box: Audio Filenames - Keep original filenames

Re: Question about repair

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I unchecked "edit tags," but it didn't make a difference. The track numbers are removed from the tag in the the repaired files either way. I don't see a "keep original filenames" box, but the repaired files do have the same names. I'm using CueTools 2.1.6. I have attached the AccurateRip logs from the initial check, the repair and a verify of the repaired folder. Thanks.

Re: Question about repair

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The original files have flac (vorbis) tags? Not ID3 or APEv2.
Are 'Write basic tags...' and 'Copy basic tags' checked?

edit: BTW tracks 6 & 12 were the missing files in the 1st post.

Re: Question about repair

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FOUND IT! I needed to go to the CueTools Advanced Settings and set "Write CDTOC tag" to FALSE before doing the repair! The other files don't contain the CDTOC, so creating a repaired set without it fixed the problem. Thanks for your help, and hope this helps anyone having the same problem.

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