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FAAC aac encoder

Good evening ,

with exact audio copy, which command line parameters I need to enter to encode an audio cd with the faac encoder 1.29?
Thank you all

Re: FAAC aac encoder

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encodername.exe --help

Re: FAAC aac encoder

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Start by showing what you tried so far that isn't working. You should be able to work most of this out by yourself.

I would start with the General Configuration for Encode AAC from the EAC and QAAC page in the Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase.
use the path to the faac.exe encoder
Look at the encoder usage for the options. As suggested by m14u the encoder usage information can usually be found using encodername.exe --help from the command prompt while in the source directory. You would use faac.exe --help
Or you can search google for usage information

says to use -o <filename> for the output (That's the same option QAAC uses. You'll note most of the tagging options are the same too except a few like --disc instead of --disk and --cover-art instead of --artwork)
says to use %source% for the Source filename and %dest% for the Output [Destination] filename.
so the Additional command-line options for the first test.
Code: [Select]
%source% -o %dest%
You can add other options (including tags) one at a time and check for errors.


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