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Columns UI status bar text

How can I remove the foobar name and version number from displaying in the status bar (and Pane) when the player is stopped?

I've looked in the Title Formatting Script box of the Preferences > Columns UI > Status Bar page, but there's nothing there that indicates it would add the word foobar and its version number.  It just contains my stuff for displaying bitrate and codec etc.

I'd like it to only show the word:  Stopped   and nothing else whenever the player is stopped.

I don't get this version number text in the status bar if I switch to the default UI (it just says: Playback Stopped). It only happens in Columns UI view.


Re: Columns UI status bar text

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Are you using an up-to-date foobar? As I recall DUI had the version number hardcoded for a while which was then dropped (a while ago).

But in your case (using CUI) it will probably be here: 'File/Preferences/Columns UI/Main/Main window titleformatting script'. If you see something like %_foobar2000_version% there, remove it.

There's also one for DUI specifically: 'File/Preferences/Default User Interface/Window title'.

Re: Columns UI status bar text

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Thanks for your reply.

I'm using Foobar v1.3.20 (the most recent of the 1.3 series).

As my post above states, I am talking about the status bar, not the title bar, so any changes made to 'Main window title formatting script' are not going to make any difference (and besides, that box is completely empty anyway).

My issue is with Columns UI inserting text into the status bar that the user cannot change. Even if I delete everything from Preferences > Columns UI > Status Bar > Title formatting script, all it does it make the status bar completely blank when a track is playing, but the program name and version number still appears in the status bar every time the player is stopped.

In contrast, when the player is stopped in DUI view, the status bar simply says 'Playback stopped' (which is better because there is no need to repeat the program name given that it is already displayed in the title bar when no tracks are playing).

CUI is somehow inserting text into the status bar that is separate to its own the Status Bar formatting setting,, and I'm trying to find out if there is any way to change it.


Re: Columns UI status bar text

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Thanks for link,

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