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Output Path Can't Be the Same and Input Path error message

CUETools 2.1.6
WinXP-32 SP3

I think I found a bug. In the directory there is an embedded flac file that contains all of the track of the CD. I have CUETools set for track extraction. But, it wants to write an embedded flac file. So, it ends up spitting out the error message.

Strange thing is that I just did two other CDs where the track output was the same location as the input, without error.

So, I went to another CD with an embedded flac file and it current working. I'm at a loss as to why I've run across a CD that presents this problem.

Re: Output Path Can't Be the Same and Input Path error message

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In-place conversion (output of audio files to source directory) is on the list of requested features.
When you try to 'encode' with the output set to the source directory, if any new audio file would have the same filename as an existing file, you may see an error message "Source and destination audio file paths cannot be the same...". This occurs when you select "Audio Output: None" as well. Other files may be overwritten (.CUE, folder.jpg, etc).

I would suggest setting the output path to a new folder and moving the files after conversion. For example

I don't know what settings you're using but if you do not have 'Keep original filenames' checked, in some situations I might suggest adding
[' ('%unique%')']
to the end of the 'Track format:' template. This would add ' (1)' to the end of the filename instead of throwing the error. For example
%title%[' ('%unique%')']

If you still think you've found a bug, I'm going to need more information so I can try to duplicate. This contains a few hints,116264.0.html
but I only need what is relevant to duplicate the conditions. Any setting you changed from 'default', artist/album name, CTDB TOCID (run 'Verify' on source file and retrieve from log), etc.


Re: Output Path Can't Be the Same and Input Path error message

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Found the issue. The embedded flac file has the following filename format: artist - title.flac. It is the name of the album. But, within that album, there is a song with the same title. Obviously not a unique situation.

So, I tried your suggestion. The track format in settings has the following: %artist% - %title%[' ('%unique%')']

Unfortunately, all tracks got the unique treatment. I thought that would only happen the files that are already there. I do not want  unique value added if there isn't a pre-existing file.

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