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Topic: An 3rd party plugin request: facet(adaptor) for external scripting processor (Read 320 times) previous topic - next topic
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An 3rd party plugin request: facet(adaptor) for external scripting processor

Hi yas, I wonder if someone could think about making adaptor for a popular scripting language (Python, Perl, ...), which will interlink foobar's environment with external script's environment, counting access to playlist content, current selection and all it's items' info available to plugins via title formatting (%tags%, technical $info() etc.) -- by mapping it to read(-write) script's variables (eg. as hashes or indexed arrays).

Then user will be able to make complex operations with playlist/selection content (above integrated title formatting) - eg. advanced tags processing, advanced renaming, performing specific commands or generating specific output. IMO a very powerful extension which would break up limitations of existing plugins.

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