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Mouse wheel seekbar granularity

I notice that, when I use the mouse wheel to manipulate the seekbar, the seek step granularity is rather coarse. For example, listening to a 76-minute mix, I get ca. 7.5 steps. So far as I can tell, the default algorithm (in 1.3.8, with the Default User Interface, in Windows 8.1) is:

±30 minutes for stupidly long files (e.g. a 3 hour mix)
±10 minutes for really long files
±5 minutes for long files
±1 minute for single tracks

Is there not a setting that selects skipping by a constant amount, say, 20 seconds? I have yet to find such a setting.

Lurching forward by an amount of time that is pseudo-proportional to the total length of the file seems strange. It's not actually proportional, since the step sizes are only roughly related to the file playback length.

Mouse wheel seekbar granularity

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You can keybind a variety of skip times. I've got 5 seconds on the plain arrow keys.

Mouse wheel seekbar granularity

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I have no doubt, but if I wanted to skip with the keyboard, I would have asked "How do I skip with the keyboard".


Mouse wheel seekbar granularity

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i think you were offered an alternative because you already know the answer for what you asked.

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