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YAET - Yet Another Encoder Tool (Version 0.3j beta)

Hi folks!

Someone might find it useful - written for my own use and uploaded now here as an thank-you for all the good hints and explanations about audio technology.

YAET - Yet Another Encoder Tool (Version 0.3j beta)
Rip audio discs and provide tagged audio files encoded to several formats by one EAC run.
Keywords: exact audio copy eac multi audio encoder flac lame mp3 mp4 m4a ogg alac apple cmd batch bat

YAET is just a simple script for the Windows command line (cmd.exe). Real knowledge is placed in Exact Audio Copy, the audio encoders and other used software like the CTDB plugin.


Exact Audio Copy calls YAET as a program for external compression when ripping audio CDs "Compressed". YAET then starts up to five different audio encoders to provide selected formats of audio files. So YAET can organize output to archive audio CDs LossLess and in addition Lossy encoded tracks used by common hardware players via one EAC ripping process. YAET is designed for full EAC rips of albums or compilations. YAET will create all needed directories holding the different audio formats separately. YAET will add ID3-Tags to the encoded audio files as they has been defined in EAC. YAET processes EAC's WAVE files one by one. After the last track of a release YAET will delete all temporary written WAVE-files, checks for existing playlists and moves them to the pending directories. The parsed CueSheet can be used to rebuild an physical copy of the ripped audio CD. All ripped discs will be registerd in a tab-separated table "EAC.csv" for e. g. MS Excel data import. YAET comes with YAETsetup.bat to help you with setting up needed options and keys.

See YAET.txt and run YAETsetup0.2.bat for more details. Any remarks welcome!

Cheers, Martin

YAET - Yet Another Encoder Tool (Version 0.3j beta)

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Hence it is not possible to edit the original Post find below a small update of YAET. No new build number created, still version 0.3j beta.

Fixed only a little bug with ffmpeg metadata handling.

Cheers, Martin


YAET - Yet Another Encoder Tool (Version 0.3j beta)

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YAET 0.5b with several improvements. This is how I process all my discs. Works like a charm 

Cheers, Tubebend

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