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Topic: Media library rescans unpon every start. (Read 1351 times) previous topic - next topic
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Media library rescans unpon every start.

I have a big collection of music (about 350GB). Most of it is zipped mp3s.
When I add that miusic to fb2k media library it gets scanned and added as usual. However, after every restart all zipped music gets rescanned all over. Another bid part of my music is in WavePacks, and it does not gets rescanned.
When I say "rescanned" I mean that every archive is reread after every fb2k restart, which makes huge IO load to the HDD. In "Preferences/Media library" it says "Initializing..." if the folder contains zipped music.
Older versions of fb2k (1.0-1.1, I suppose) worked well with all that amount of music - only new files were rescanned.

So, the problem is that fb2k does not know whether the contents of zip are changed or not (i guess).

Windows 7 64 bit, ntfs drive. Latest Foobar2000 without plugins.
The same problem in Windows XP Pro 32, some recent fb2k, same audio collection.

Media library rescans unpon every start.

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You can set each Media Library entry to be or NOT to be scanned at startup and to be on NOT to be monitored for changes while foobar is running. Just rightclick on particular ML entry.

Media library rescans unpon every start.

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To the heart of the OP's problem - there's no good reason to maintain one's music collection (mp3 or other) in archive/zip files.  There isn't any additional compression to be gained as the mp3s are already highly compressed.  If it's a matter of organization (say keeping all files of an album "together"), just use file folders.

I knew that foobar was capable of reading/playing files directly from zip archives, but had no idea that the contents of the archives could be included in the media library...

Media library rescans unpon every start.

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EpicForever, thanks for the perfect answer! Works like a charm, so I can have my whole collection back again. The problem is solved for me.

However, I would like to say a few more words regarding the feature.
1. Rescanning of all zip seems more like a bug than a feature. It is absolutely enough to store the modification date of an archive to know whether it was changed or not.
2. Older versions of fb2k did not have an option to disable startup-scan yet they worked well. I guess they did make rescan every folder without opening every archive.
3. Right-click menu of media library items is pretty unobvious. I'd say it is completely unobvious, if you will. This breakes some rules of making good-designed apps. It needs some interface improvements.

Thanks for the answer and thanks you developers for the best app.

Media library rescans unpon every start.

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There is one reason: keep other applications from touching them. For example, the Windows Media Player's dreaded automagic tag destruction.
(But then, is .zip (with deflate) sufficient?)

For those who want to squeeze the last drops of compression out of their mp3's:
Can save you multiple cents of hard drive :-o
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Media library rescans unpon every start.

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Remedial Sound, yes, you are right. Some mp3's (I guess, that are creepy cbr's), are compressed quite well (10-15%), but most of mp3's do not get compressed at all (1-3%). The reason of keeping zips is more historical than pragmatical.
The main reason for keeping zips now is decreased file-system load. All 350 gigs of music takes only 3,5k files and 750 folders. It makes size calculations much faster, as well as a little gain in moving to another drive. It would be much more if every song took one file. I can't say it would bother me much, however.
And yes, we are talking about a matter of organization: one zip per album, one folder per artist.
Finally, I have no real need to keep my music zipped. I just like it and have no real reason to unzip them.

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