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FB2K & Keyboard Play-Keys

FB2K is a great proggie indeed!
but i`m searching a plug-in which makes it possible to use the "forward - play - pause - stop" keys of the Logitech Keyboard...
i`m a programmer-n00b  but i play a lot of CS ..::    ::.. , and there it is great to use the keys while U R gaming (plays music when u R dead and pauses it when U play)

so my question is if it possible to programm sth

best regards iluvatar


FB2K & Keyboard Play-Keys

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I had the same question a while back myself, when I bought my Logitech Internet Navigator SE . This thread Logitech Multimedia Keys & Foobar2000, How to get it work told me everything I needed to know, to make it work.

I still can't understand, why Logitech can't make the software more flexible though...

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