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Title: mediaJukebox and replaygain
Post by: gnoshi on 2002-01-31 05:59:59

I was testing the latest beta of mediaJukebox today and I noticed a something...

I used replaygain on some ogg files, and noticed the values being produced were completely different to the existing implementation of replaygain for ogg. ie.. all the peaks from the mediajukebox implementation ended up with a peak of 1.000

I interpret this to mean that it is probably not following the analysis process meant to be used for replaygain.
Would this be a -wrong- implementation or just a -different- implementation?

(I tried for mpc as well, but it wouldn't replaygain it at all)

Oh, and just to make it that much better, it is stored along with a bunch of other 'general' information in a MJ-specific element in the vorbis header. Gotta love that.

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