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Title: Tooltips
Post by: rinseaid on 2003-03-24 00:44:09
I haven't had much time to fiddle around with it, and it's fairly simple problem, but when I have something in my playlist then hover over, say, the minimize button (and hence the tootip pops up), the field that is covered up by the tooltip (I have the length field at the far right) gets...well...fubared. Not as such...umm...it's hard to explain what I mean. I have my playlist with a file, the file HAS to be longer than what can be displayed. So, for instance:
Blablablablablablablablablabla - 02 - blablablablabalbalblablablabalbbalbalba[02:34]
When in fact the track name is a lot longer.
Catch my drift?
Anyway, the part of the track name that was cut off magically appears after the tooltip thing. And the cursor has to be placed in a pretty exact position so as to display the tooltip in the exact location.
Heh, I just realised how hard to understand this post is, but please try. If any further explanations are required then I'm glad to give them.
Oh yeah, I'm using foobar2000 in Windows 98 SE.

edit: I'll try to get some screenshots up later today.
Title: Tooltips
Post by: rinseaid on 2003-03-26 04:00:07
Here we go. I've got some screenshots which should hopefully add some meaning to my previous post. It also works with the MAXIMIZE button, not the MINIMIZE button.

Before (http://users.ncable.net.au/~brucehunt/before.PNG)
After (http://users.ncable.net.au/~brucehunt/after.PNG)

Not really a big problem, just thought you'd like to know.
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