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Title: Recognize file format with wrong extension
Post by: 2E7AH on 2009-11-03 05:29:25
I was re-encoding FLAC to OGG FLAC with adding --ogg to default foobar flac encoder preset. So output file ended with extension .flac. Surprisingly after conversion foobar reported error "Unsupported format or corrupted file". I opened the file with VLC and it played fine. After trying some workarounds, it turned out that the extension must be .ogg (of course, it's flac in ogg container!) so that file can be played with foobar.

I remember couple of times in the past similar situations for files with wrong extension. Also .m4a annoyance. And because of how m4a issue was solved I don't believe that this request will be considered, but anyway I thought to ask:
In case file passed to foobar isn't recognized, would it be possible for foobar to try reading couple of bits for know formats or use some of it mechanisms to detect it?
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