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Title: Unexpected Behavior Playlist Search with Columns
Post by: greatmagi on 2003-03-15 23:11:04
I just switched my title formatting for the playlist to use $repeat($char(9),n) to resize the columns.  I like this feature because you can use a variable width font and still have columns.  Right now, I have 4 columns, respectively with repeats of 28, 30, 27, and 14 (maybe this is the problem?).

There are 2 issues:
1.  The playlist search now only searches the first column of information (for me, the playlist number and artist name).  The other columns (title, album, etc) are ignored, and searches for titles in the playlist return no entries.  Before, the search function would find matches in any part of the formatting string (artist - title - album, etc), and show the entire formatting string.

2.  The results of the search query only display the first column of information.  (Maybe a workaround would be to create a title formatting option for the search window--these strings could be used for search and display of results).

Let me know what you guys think about the use of $char(9)...maybe another way to implement columns would simplify this...I think that the use of columns would be a very useful/popular feature with fb2k users.

Anyway, that's all I got...

EDIT:  forgot...I'm using foobar2000 0.586

Here's a copy of my formatting string if that helps...

Code: [Select]

//Red if playing
808080|FFFFFF| 0000FF$caps2(%artist%) $repeat($char(9),28)
808080|FFFFFF| 0000FF$if(%title%,$caps2(%title%),%_filename%) $repeat($char(9),30)
808080|FFFFFF| 0000FF$caps2(%album%)[ '('%date%')'] $repeat($char(9),27)
808080|FFFFFF| $if(%tracknumber%,0000FF$num(%tracknumber%,2),FFE4CA|808080'00') 808080|FFFFFF| [0000FF%genre%] $repeat($char(9),14)
//Black and Gray if not playing
808080|FFFFFF| $caps2(%artist%) $repeat($char(9),28)
808080|FFFFFF| $if(%title%,$caps2(%title%),%_filename%) $repeat($char(9),30)
808080|FFFFFF| $caps2(%album%)[ '('%date%')'] $repeat($char(9),27)
808080|FFFFFF| $if(%tracknumber%,$num(%tracknumber%,2),FFE4CA|808080'00') 808080|FFFFFF| [%genre%] $repeat($char(9),14)
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