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Title: New audio encoding tool under heavy development ...
Post by: ChristianHJW on 2001-12-28 13:51:44
.... just to inform you, as this is/should be the nr. 1 audio forum in the net  :

There is a new, very interesting audio encoding tool to be developed over at Doom9 by DSPguru, mod at 'audio encoding' section. Its called 'BeSweet' and ment to an all-in-one AC3/VOB to Lame MP3, MP2 or WAV tool.

Interesting aspect : its working with 32 bit internal precision and will not create intermediate WAV files !! DSPguru even modified SSRC.dll to allow on-the-fly sampling rate conversion ..... more news at http://www.powerdivx.com (http://www.powerdivx.com) .....
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