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Title: ripping the whole album
Post by: Air_Borne on 2001-12-16 21:48:59
do you recommend ripping the whole album with EAC into one file, then normalizing it and afterwards separating the wav and encode it with mpc
Or should i use replaygain?
Title: ripping the whole album
Post by: Dibrom on 2001-12-16 22:41:42
Use replaygain, especially since MPC seems to have pretty nice support for it.
Title: ripping the whole album
Post by: Air_Borne on 2001-12-17 20:42:29
hmm... if you understood me correctly i am trying to have same peak level for the whole album and not for separate tracks, so could you tell if repalygain normalizes like that?
Title: ripping the whole album
Post by: Case on 2001-12-17 22:52:15
Yes. Go to directory where your album is and type eg. replaygain --auto *.mpc. Then the loudness is equal to whole album.
Title: ripping the whole album
Post by: jrbamford on 2001-12-18 04:23:04
The previous instructions are correct.. doing a directory (album) at a time with replaygain sure does setup the album or audiophile replaygain.. it also sets up the traditional single track replaygain... the problem is that the winamp plugin as of yet only takes the single track replaygain into consideration..

The only way to properly use the replaygain stuff is via the command line decoder.. when I finally install linux and get my music on a seperate linux machine (running jukebox software recompiled to accept mpc) then I'll replaygain everything I have.. its definately a new priority for me.. diving for the remote is particularly relevant when you are listening with headphones.. damage to the ears is not far away, and its painful

I just wish the plugin had a radio button where you could set the replaygain option to use.. so simple.. just can't seem to find the code for it anywhere otherwise I'd do it myself (or try
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