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Title: Will not read full m3u files correctly
Post by: 22Graham22 on 2014-03-06 18:54:13
I have a problem with the application reading m3u files. I have a lot that have a specific drive letter "z" and another folder without drive information.
I experienced the problem and reinstalled the latest version cleanly. No Library information or anything loaded, just a clean install of the latest version.
I click an m3u file and it plays correctly.
I click another file in my file manager (.m3u) and it loads just the first line. This happens with many of my playlist files (very large collection).
To resolve the issue I have to open the file with notepad, I make a change to the the file (any change), last one I removed a blank space on the last line after the last entry, another just deleted one letter and retyped it: saved the file then clicked again and it loaded and read all my playlist files correctly!
Has anyone else come across this bug?
Any suggestions are happily received as this is a real nuisance.
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