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Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: Monkey's Audio speed improvements tested
Last post by MonkeysAudio -
Just a big thank you to Robert Kausch for his help speeding Monkey's Audio back up.  When I added 32-bit and multi-channel I unintentionally slowed it down.  Robert came to the rescue with templates so it uses int instead of int64 when possible.  The current release should be as fast as it has ever been and decode files all the way back to when they were named .MAC instead of .APE.  If anyone has any issues, you can email me at mail at monkeysaudio dot com.  Thanks.
Uploads / Re: XLAC! Lossless Audio Converter - WAV / FLAC / APE / WAVPACK / TTA / ALAC
Last post by lvqcl -
From , translated ty google:

BLA Basic Lossless Audio
is a lossless audio compression format I modified based on SLAC.
SLAC is a simple lossless audio compression format written by David Bryant, one of the authors of WAVPACK. It can be found here The original intention of the author of the original file is to create a compression format that is comparable to FLAC level 0. After testing and optimization, I made BLA Basic Lossless Audio.

General - (fb2k) / Re: Group by different bits per sample as one group
Last post by Porcus -
And the file size is the same.
Yes, FLAC (and WavPack and TAK) recognize wasted bits at the low end when they see them, so even if the .flac file will have a header saying it is a 24-bit file, then all of the encoded blocks will have the information saying "only 16 bits here, the rest are zero!". Or less if there are actually less throughout the block (like if there is a totally quiet second in the audio).

Not all codecs can do this. ALAC and Monkey's don't. I tested a file with ALAC, and the 705.6 kbit/s of extra dumb zeroes added to the uncompressed file by going 24-bit, translates to precisely the same compressed. So while FLAC compresses it to nothing, ALAC is not able to compress that at all. But testing Monkey's ... it is even worse.
General Audio / The "staircase" returns, brought to you by Quackcomm
Last post by Porcus -
Here is how Qualcomm is peddling their lossless-over-Bluetooth protocol. Ironically, "User can select between CD lossless audio 44.1kHz and 24-bit 96kHz lossy" without anything about whether the lossiness is simple decimation to CDDA or something else.

Not surprising, as anyone who followed the old analog vs digital discussion should know that the flawed picture surely had its marketing value.

<rant>Both arguments should have been the other way around: the vinylophile going "I want my staircase that your digital audio will smoothen out!" (because the ADC/DAC chain will select the sine wave even if the original is ragged above Nyquist), and the refutation being the ... unfortunately not so obvious.</rant>
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by marc2k3 -
If you configure a single button to use a massive solid black custom image, you can see the padding at the top/bottom here...

edit: setting "no edges" works for putting another button next to it. There is no padding between them.
FLAC / Re: Why FLAC level 5 was chosen as the default and recommended setting?
Last post by Porcus -
If you look at that page even further back
Hot damn, flac 1.0 encoded slower at -1 than Monkey's high?! 

... OK, on second thought I realize that Monkey's did change its format and doesn't support these old files anymore. For the hell of it, I fired up the Cannibal Corpse track. The "new" Monkey's version compresses to 0.723 / 0.696 / 0.695 (high) / 0.685 / 0.684, so understandably it is a heavier thing.
flac -1 encodes to 0.782 (as back then, actually!), but -8 is down to 0.710 (and at 40 percent of -1 speed).