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Tagging Custom Fields...


I've tagged custom fields in my whole library using MediaMonkey.
For what I've seen, itunes totally ignores those fields, they're unexistant for itunes.

What should I expect with foobar? are those fields available?

Thanks in advance.


Tagging Custom Fields...

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That’s far too little information to answer your question.

Which format? Which fields? etc.

If it’s a format using APEv2 or VorbisComment tags, fields therein are simply arbitrary attribute=value pairs, and foobar2000 can display any you might care to dream up.

If it’s MP3 or MP4, where fields are defined by unique identifiers (frames), you may be limited to those supported by foobar2000. It can write custom tags to e.g. the ID3v2 TXXX frame, but that may differ from the implementation used by other applications.

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