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MP3 / Re: why does the file sound better
Last post by doriandun -
I have added and mp3 and wav as an sample,

Re. Case " FLAC doesn't deteriorate quality"

I was refering to the practice from going from mp3 to wave and then that wave file to flac. as i done in this experiement.

I tried the foobar replay gain, as was suggested on the mp3 and it does not have the same polish.

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Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: Which is the best lossless codec?
Last post by Porcus -
In any case, seriously: should one move WMAL to the "other" formats section of the wiki? I see reasons against, but ...

WMAL decoding with FFmpeg should be bitexact.
At least the ticket was closed a couple of years ago.
(Which means that it is not *that* urgent to convert over those files out of fear of waking up to a Win10 update where WMAL is Zune'd forever. Well the chief reason why I am not worried over that, is that I don't have any such files.)

For "pros/cons", I have no idea whether this issue is still current status:,92847.msg818055.html#msg818055
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: iPod manager
Last post by TheEmpathicEar -
I used the "Compilation" tag in two different albums: "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 (soundtrack)" and "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (soundtrack)". Only the latter displays in my iPod, Music>Compilation menu option? What am I missing?
Development - (fb2k) / Re: ABX module closes on error
Last post by amiti -
Thank you, Peter.

I have noticed another thing: once ABX testing has started, even if it is paused or stopped, playback could not be started - neither from the playlist nor from another ABX window. Until that ABX window is closed no other playback can be initiated.

I am using foobar V1.4 with ABX plugin V2.0.5 and ASIO (V2.1.2) as output device. Is it possuble set the ABX to release the output device once it is stopped or paused?
MP3 / Re: why does the file sound better
Last post by Case -
It's well known that such a test can show WAV to be louder. If you are on Windows newer than XP and use a player that outputs floating point, lossy formats like MP3 can hit the built-in limiter and see quite a bit of amplitude reduction. 16-bit WAV has all the peaks clipped off and won't be affected. But WAV container doesn't add reverb and FLAC doesn't deteriorate quality.
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