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Audio Hardware / Re: “Vintage” amps
Last post by riverlethe -
I ended up returning this amp to the vinyl shop where I found it. It was shutting itself off during the Ride of the Rohirrim driving my SVS Prime towers.

Probably cut out on when a thermal sensor tripped. This is one reason to have a powered subwoofer.

I actually did have them crossed over at 40Hz, though Audyssey wanted to run them full range. It’s also attempting a +8dB boost for a null at 175Hz, so that might have something to do with it.

Did they use anything like CPU thermal paste on those heat sinks? Could it have deteriorated?

Edit: Isn’t most of the sub-bass content sent to the LFE channel in films anyway?
MP3 / Re: How to encode CD # in track tags (EAC/LAME)
Last post by StarSword -
Try adding the column 'Part of set' to explorer.
320 is my usual preferred bitrate.
To use the Bit rate setting from the drop-down list use -b%bitrate% in the Additional command line options.
The %islow%-V5%islow%%ishigh%-V2%ishigh% setting uses -V5 when the radio button is set to Low quality or -V2 when the radio button is set to High quality.
Just pick one. Don't use both.
or use -b320
Thanks for that. Replaced the whole string up to %source% with -b320.  (I know it's probably not going to give a significant improvement in quality, but memory's considerably cheaper than it was ten years ago.)
Digital A/V News / Re: AV1 got released! (2018-03-28)
Last post by lvqcl -
Meanwhile in ffmpeg: a commit from 16 Apr 2018:

avformat/movenc: forbid muxing AV1 streams until the spec is finished.

This prevents creating potentially broken files, as both the AV1 and
the AV1 in ISOMBFF specs are unfinished.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by stevehero -
I was hoping to create a column to show missing items in the library with a fn similar to foo_uie_panel_splitter like the $findfile fn.

Anything like this possible. Thanks.
FLAC / Re: bug attach picture
Last post by Porcus -
The 8.3 "short format" is a "fallback option" in Windows - I have no idea why that happens on Windows 10 though.
A "reference":

Try to open these .FLA files in foobar2000. Likely they are just OK FLAC files, except the filename. Check it - with foobar2000, this component is a must:
A standalone application that does pretty much the same thing (for FLAC - for mp3 it will be very, very picky about the metadata blocks): Audiotester from
FLAC / Re: bug attach picture
Last post by Case -
That makes more sense. The file extensions don't change to FLA~ but file names somehow get truncated to the short 8.3 format.
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