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Scientific Discussion / Re: Hybrid IEM
Last post by lélé -

Thank you for your feedback.

I do appreciate a slight bass emphasis when listening to music with headphones or IEMs (not with speakers), but I am not looking for an 'atomic unbloated bass'. I am far from a 'basshead'. ;)

What surprised me with the 'hybrid' IEMs I tested (Orivety New Primacy) is that the bass seemed to sound noticeably 'different'. Not louder, just 'different'.
Yesterday I tried do play with Neutralizer EQ (advised on another topic, thanks!) and bass still seemed to sound noticeably different (not louder) than with the BA IEM at my disposal.

There is nothing scientific in the method, for sure, and I do know that a lot of parameters comes into play. Plus impressions can be extremely misleading.
Nevertheless, I was wondering if frequency response apart a dynamic driver bass could (or not) sound audibly different, for example due to temporal aspects (ex. decay).

As for isolation, I can only agree.
The ONP do have a vent hole and sound isolation seems lesser than the other IEM with similar tips.
That maybe due to other factors by the way...or just a false impression. I have nothing to measure it...

Which CIEM manufacturers did you have in mind?

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Sort album list by folder/location?
Last post by Porcus -
You can get at least nearly there. Try the following.

Go to Preferences -> Album List.
See the "Views" window and the buttons underneath? Click "Add new".
Give it a name you like, e.g., uselessladder-sortorder
In the code, enter for example the following - you do not want this, the text is to explain what happens:
Code: [Select]
$left(%path%,3) %album artist% will be expandable, click the plus to see whatever is after the pipe sign | released in [%date%] the album %album%
Then select the "uselessladder-sortorder": in your screenshots, it is just above the "Playback stopped" in the lower left corner.

Now you can customize the code. You do not want the text, but now you know what the pipe means. E.g.,
Code: [Select]
$left(%path%,3) %album artist% | %date%  %album%
will have letter with colon and slash (because of the "3") and album artist, then expand it and you get the date (question marks if no date, those are removed by putting %date% in brackets as [%date%], and album title.

If you want the literal "Laptop Music" in place of "C:\", then I think a $replace would do, but I am not sure. But at least the above will get you the C:\ before the E:\
..You made your point clear enough.
I did, thanks. When someone else comes in and keeps replying with no proof of absolutely anything then that's trolling by not adding anything to the topic other than to be argumentative.
How can the OP (me) be a troll when I made a genuine request for a change.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: R128Norm
Last post by rizukitomi -
@kode54 is there a chance you make standalone app for this dsp ?
At this point I would consider you being the troll with your persistent button issue. You made your point clear enough.
I can't fin any mircometrical measurements of the laser engraving deepness in the laquer vs engraving speeds.
The lower the speed is, the higher is the light power transmitted to the laquer surface, the engraving contours are better defined and deeper... resulting in less reading errors.
I don't believe it works like this. The laser's intensity is modulated to transfer a precise amount of energy into the dye. At lower burning speeds, the laser will be less bright. The changes to the dye will be slower. As polemon already pointed out, this may actually produce worse overall results.
I've written their software? Guess they didn't listen to you then.

If you did you would've known exactly how they behave and not be replying with nonsense and with nothing to back anything up. Not sure if you're just trolling me or just broken.

Well, I've first-hand witnessed the problems CD players have with burned disks at Croatian radio. They wanted to use copied disks to preserve originals, and to make compilations for broadcast. This was some 15 years ago, now they went full digital - but then, they played music from CDs, even tapes and vinyls sometimes.
Anyway, the most used player was TASCAM 401 (I think, I've checked the pictures and it looks like that one) and while it was playing originals well, it had much trouble with CDRs. We tried different combinations of media and burning speed and finally got the combination right - they worked as they should ONLY with Taiyo Yuden or Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation disks (you'll remember them from early days of testing CDRs, they were expensive but good and long lasting) and written at 4x. People who were making these CDRs already had Plextor drives as they were among the best in these days. Later on, as Plextors broke down, other drives were tested and found OK, as long as they could record at 4x speed on that media.

So, I would suggest OP to drop that CD player :) too much hasle. Transport is crap if it can't read CD-R in 2017.
FB2K is bit perfect, so if things are sounding harsh in the highs, that's either how the track sounds, or how your playback system sounds. I'd recommend a high quality EQ of some kind. If you can deal with a VST Wrapper component, there are lots of great free ones, TDR SlickEQ springs to mind.