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Topic: CUERipper - Ability to manipulate tags on rip.  (Read 784 times) previous topic - next topic
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CUERipper - Ability to manipulate tags on rip.

I checked the app and the wiki and can't seem to find the ability to do a few things I'm trying to do around tag manipulation.

1. Is it possible to always write the same text to specific tag field on rip? Example, the comment field, I want it to always be the same thing I specify. Or adding [FLAC] To the disc title line for every disc.
2. I'd like to only write some of the tags while ripping. Prefer to specify them, instead of clearing them after. Example, I don't want disc number, or total tracks.

Bonus question: Album art, it's either small, which sometimes is too small, or Large, which can be huge. Is there any way to do a medium, or pick large, but re-size automatically to 1000x1000 on rip?

If you have any ideas, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Re: CUERipper - Ability to manipulate tags on rip.

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1) You can add
Code: [Select]
to the disc title in the output template.
The comment tag will need to be added manually in the metadata edit section before ripping.

2) You'll need to manually clear the disc number in the edit section before ripping. Some other tags can also be cleared in the edit section (TRACKTOTAL and TRACKNUMBER aren't editable).

Bonus) This should be a WishList item.
I brought up the auto-resize in this topic when album art is too big.
I inappropriately brought it up again in a PR intended to fix the 'detect when album art is too big' issue.
Code: [Select]
setting is not active in CUERipper (the setting is active in CUETools).

Re: CUERipper - Ability to manipulate tags on rip.

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Thank you for the answers. I was just thinking, maybe I could use flac.exe as an external encoder, and specify my specific tags in the command there?

Re: CUERipper - Ability to manipulate tags on rip.

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Nope. Tags are internally written by taglib-sharp. You cannot specify tags using the command-line.

Re: CUERipper - Ability to manipulate tags on rip.

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Ah, ok. Thanks. Could / should this be a wishlist item too? If I could manipulate the tag output in a similar line below the path line, could specify something, like what I can do in EAC:

-T "artist=%albumartist%" -T "title=%title%" -T "album=%albumtitle% [FLAC]" -T "date=%year%" -T "tracknumber=%tracknr%" -T "comment=xxxxxxx" -T "genre=%genre%" %hascover%--picture="%coverfile%"%hascover% -5 %source%


Re: CUERipper - Ability to manipulate tags on rip.

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Some existing WishList items that may be of interest to you.,118915.0.html#post_g10
The ability to add custom metadata fields
The name and content of the field would need to be manually entered.,118915.0.html#post_cr10
Import local metadata into CUERipper (or local database)
from a text file, clipboard list or xml. Editing a few fields is simple enough but filling in all the blanks within CUERipper can be exhausting,118915.msg1033953.html#msg1033953
(2) Option to not write the 'Total Tracks' tag.,118915.msg983735.html#msg983735
Allow persistent setting of which tag fields are written, for instance by placing checkboxes to left of fields on "Metadata" window.  I only want to write ALBUM, ARTIST, YEAR, TITLE, TRACK, GENRE, ALBUM GAIN and TRACK GAIN.