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ffmpeg decoder usage

I believe I've correctly configured ffmpeg decoder to work on AIFF files.  However, I have no clue how to actually make it work.

I'm under the impression I can use it to decompress an AIFF file and return it to WAV format.  Is that correct?  If so, how does one go about doing it?


Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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aiff decoding is included in CUETools 2.2.5 and does not need to be added
(I mentioned in
but the included decoder requires the ffmpeg.dll plugin which requires additional files to be downloaded.
(I mentioned adding required dll files for the plugin in

Or you can get them from the download page

Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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Yes, I have the dll files.  I downloaded when I initially downloaded CueTools.  The problem is I don't know what to do with those files (I put them in the plugins x64 folder).  I only downloaded CueTools last week so am a real novice in using it.  

Given I have the dll files, I'm assuming there is no need for ffmpeg decoder.  Should I delete all mention of it in the CueTools?  If so, what's the nuts & bolts of using the decoder?

Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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Make sure the ffmpeg.dll decoder is selected on the Formats tab. CUETools is expecting files that have the .aiff extension.

To convert .aiff to .wav
Action: Encode
Audio Output: Lossless
Audio File Format: wav

If you added the ffmpeg.exe decoder yes you can remove it by selecting it on the Decoders tab and pressing Delete on the keyboard or clicking the "-" button on the tab.

Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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Okay, I see one problem.  I don't have the ffmpeg.dll file.  I only have the .exe file.   Is the dll available under CueTools or should I find it under the site that I downloaded the ffmpeg.exe file?

Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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ffmpeg.dll is built-in (included)
It is located at \plugins\CUETools.Codecs.ffmpegdll.dll

Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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Okay, but it doesn't show up as a option under the AIFF format drop down. I must have goofed something up.

Update - I forgot to update the decoder name when I replaced. the exe file with the dll (I used the entire name CUETools.Codecs.ffmpegdll.dll) in the decoder settings menu. So now it shows up under the formats menu.

Assuming it works, what's the next step to running it?

Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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Edit: See Reply#3 "To convert .aiff to .wav" (I don't know what Input method you're using)

Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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Sorry, I missed the actions to take on your reply #3.  So I'm using the multi-select input option.  I have a folder with 12 Aiff files in it.
 I select that the item that says 12 files and run the options you suggested.  I get the message - CUETools.Codecs.ffmpegdll.dll: The system cannot find the file specified.

I continue to play with it am now getting "CUETools.Codecs.ffmpegdll.dll: The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform"  Strange as I didn't change anything except put the full path in the decoder settings menu.  Maybe this won't run on my old laptop running Windows 8?

Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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Assuming you "unzipped" the entire archive, did you make sure all zip files were "unblocked"?
Known Issues When Unpacking the Archive

You left CUETools.Codecs.ffmpegdll.dll in its original location?

There is no need to setup a decoder for aiff as it is already built-in


Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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It appears most all of the files are blocked.  I'll unblock and try again.

Re: ffmpeg decoder usage

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Okay, unblocking all the files fixed the issues.  Thanks so much for your help.  I would never have thought to look to see if they were blocked.